Location: West of Clinton, BC Chinook Main Up-Grading (Big Bar Landslide Project)

Scope of Work

  • Road Widening
  • Construction of a Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE)retaining wall
  • Road surfacing
  • Road maintenance
  • Road construction
  • Rip rap retaining walls
  • Install culverts
  • Install drainage ditches

Additional Information

The Big Bar Landslide Project, located 1.5 hours West of Clinton, BC and on the exclusive Fishing territory of the High Bar First Nation. On June 23, 2019, a landslide in a remote canyon along the Fraser River, West of Clinton, was reported in B.C. Over 85,000 cubic metres of rock had sheared off a 125-metre-high cliff and fallen into the river. This slide created a five-metre waterfall, trapping migrating salmon below the slide.

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